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Frequent questions

If you want to ask us question write us an email that we will get in touch with you.

  • What are the requirements to rent a car?

    Current driver's license. Credit card (National or international). Identification document. Be over 22 years old

  • Where and how do I make reservations?

    You can write us an email with your information and in what date you want to rent the car to the mailbox
    By Whatsapp +54 9 294 4246304 or by telephone at +54 9 294 4530550

  • Where can I receive and deliver the car?

    Línea Sur Rent a car cars can be delivered anywhere in the city of Bariloche, or at the airport at no additional cost. If you want to deliver it in another city, please contact us for the additional fees that apply for this type of delivery (Drop-off)

  • How many people can drive a rental car?

    The rate includes up to three drivers. If you want a quarter or more drivers you can request it at an additional cost as long as they meet the requirements of law.

  • Can I cross to Chile with a rental car?

    Yes, all our cars are authorized to make the crossing to Chile. You only have to inform us 24 hours in advance to perform the customs procedures that have an additional cost.

  • How to drive with ice and snow?

    Do not speed up or brake violently, use the gearbox. Remember that in shady areas, ice is maintained almost all day, even on sunny days. Keep the braking distance of the vehicle that precedes you, this must be considerably higher than under normal conditions.
    Avoid stopping the vehicle on slopes, bridges, curves or places with poor visibility. Remember that on slopes the vehicles that are ascending have priority. Follow the instructions of the gendarmerie, police, civil defense or road personnel. Do not stop on the road, park on the shoulder.

  • When to place snow chains?

    When road or gendarmerie personnel require it, OR when the roadway is completely covered with snow or ice, the vehicle has lost its grip and can not advance safely. NEVER circulate with chains placed on asphalt and clean gravel. If the snow cover is irregular, you should place them only in the necessary sections and remove them as many times as necessary. With chains you must drive at a very low speed. To put or remove the chains stop in a visible and safe place, always on the shoulder and follow the instruction is from the manual included in the box.

  • How to drive gravel?

    The wheels of a car have less grip on the stones than on asphalt. Driving at high speeds reduces your control over the vehicle.
    If you are encased in a footprint, it is best to reduce the speed and then try to exit. Remember: The faster you take a curve, the more chances you have to lose control. 40km/h is an adequate speed. Both in gravel and in snow the possibilities of skidding are accentuated, that is why it is necessary to maneuver smoothly, speed moderate and that you drive with a lot of attention and control. The days of strong winds should be especially careful when driving with side gusts. Patagonia is a region of intense winds that can alter your driving. To avoid being surprised, I kept the wheel firmly.

  • Are snow chains necessary to drive in Bariloche?

    Chains should be used in extreme snow or ice situations. All our vehicles have snow covers and are also equipped with chains in winter, to use them we will give you a brief explanation of how to place and remove them without problems.

  • What additional services do you find in "Linea Sur"?

    Línea Sur offers one or two additional drivers free of charge and in winter season snow covers and chains.
    Cross to Chili $ 600 only once.
    Baby chair $ 100 per day
    Buff $ 70
    Ski carrier $ 120
    GPS $ 90
    Delivery in other cities (drop off quote according to destination)

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